■  Helps combat inflammation and allergies.

■  Boosts energy, immunity and sexuality.

■  Relieve “stagnant chi”, disharmonies and congestion that blocks the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

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Eastern and Western medicine are aligned in defining digestive disorders as the initiator of conditions that lead to allergic reactions in the body. Poor digestion has also been linked to indigestion, asthma, sinusitis, hay fever, irritable bowel syndrome, parasites, colitis, and more.

Aller Ease™ combines Traditional Chinese herbs to balance and energize the body’s digestive energy. Drink a pleasant cup of tea now and feel the effects in half an hour! Improved stomach QI naturally relieves congestion.

Chinese Kudzu, Bitter Orange, and Ginger help to relieve “stagnant Qi”, disharmonies, and congestion that block the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

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