Echinacea Complex


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Strengthen Your Immune System While Cleansing Your Body. Echinacea does not have to taste bad! Take this wonderful tasting herbal formula daily as a strong dose of protection during the cold and flu season. Echinacea PLUS™ strengthens the immune system, while detoxifying the body. It is well known that Echinacea helps the immune system. Long-term use of Echinacea alone, however, may cause dryness to the lungs which may result in a dry, miserable cough. In the true TCM tradition, Echinacea PLUS™ balances this powerful immune builder with Ginger, which dispels cold from the lungs, and Magic Fruit, which moistens the lungs. Green tea extract, with its high level of antioxidant and cancer fighting polyphernols, adds potency and cleansing to this synergistically balanced formula. Learn the Three Treasures Tea Story.

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