Electrolyte Charge™


■ Boosts workout performance and enhances endurance.

■ Easily replenishes lost electrolytes after exercise.

■ Helpful in preventing muscle cramps.

4 fl. oz.
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Electrolyte Charge™ replenishes, hydrates, and balances your system effectively and contains the minerals the body needs to function. Electrolytes are ions and they possess an electrical charge. Sodium,calcium, magnesium, phosphate, chlorine and potassium are the electrolytes found in the human body. Electrolyte Charge™provides the electrolyte benefit of sports drinks without the calories, carbohydrates and sugar. If you are exercising strenuously for long period of time. drinking electrolyte-enhanced water maybe a good option to quickly and easily replenish lost electrolytes. Drinking Electrolyte Charge™enhanced water provides a quick and easy source of minerals.

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