Longevity Heart Chi™


■ The most comprehensive anti-aging formula available.

■ Detoxifying antioxidant.

■ Polyphenols to support the immune system and encourage body fat cleansing.

2 fl. oz.


Calms and Cools Your Body while Providing Powerful Antioxidants.

Enjoy this great tasting, caffeine-free, traditional Chinese herbal formula for daily thirst, cooling and detoxification. Longevity™ Tea delivers maximum benefits of green tea. High levels of polyphenol in this formula provide powerful antioxidants directly to your system, supporting your immune system and encouraging body fat cleansing. for fast, efficient action in fighting cancer cells, controlling cholesterol, hypertension, inhibiting microbials and encouraging body fat cleansing. The benefit to you is that all of the cancer fighting polyphenol enters your body. It has been scientifically proven that many of the benefits are lost when leaves or tea bags are used to brew a regular cup of green tea. The characteristics of polyphenol, combined with the longevity property of Magic Fruit, makes this tea extremely valuable to your daily health care.

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