Magic Fiber™CLR – 2lbs.


■ Low glycemic index

■ Great functional food for low carb diets

■ 11 grams of soluble fiber

■ Mixes clear in water

■ Great for kids!

2 lbs.
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Fiber, one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle, helps maintain normal, healthy intestinal regularity.*

Magic Fiber™CLR provides 11 grams of soluble, clear, virtually tasteless dietary fiber per serving that does not thicken when mixed with water or your favorite beverage or food. This extraordinary fiber is prepared by a patented enzymatic process that makes it particularly effective in providing bulk for the diet.

In addition, this extraordinary fiber product contains two different types of fructooligosaccharides that arrive in the large intestine undigested and serve as prebiotics (encouraging the growth of naturally occurring bifidobacteria),* PLUS a complex of over 70 trace minerals.

Each serving nets only 1 net carbohydrate.

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