PentaCare™ HydraBalance MicroCollagen Moisturizer


■ Protect & Energize your skin with amazing ingredients

■ Pentapeptides & Tetrapeptides to help improve firmness and elasticity.

■ Plant & Marine extracts to soothe and calm the skin

■ With added Sea Silk to help reduce inflammation

50 ml



Sustains your amazing complexion throughout the day and night with natural plant and marine extracts, pentapeptides, tetrapeptides (a DHEA mimic) and a powerful anti-oxidant complex.

Ficus Carica Extract – A Mediterranean fig that contains mucilages and sugars that soften and moisturize skin cells.

Seve Marine™ – Extracts of marine green algae.

Sea Silk™- A marine extract of Enteromorpha Compressa and Himanthala Elongate.

Codiavelance™ – An extract from a resilient species of seaweed, Codium tomentosum.

Kelpadelie – A natural metalloproteinase inhibitor.

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