Perfect Balance


■ Delivers maximum balance benefits of herbs used in traditional Chinese formulas to enhance cellular uptake.

■ Helps naturally balance blood sugar.

■ Nurtures the eyes by helping improve circulation in the optical system.

2 fl. oz.
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Satisfy Help Balance Your Blood Sugar. If you feel thirsty all the time and crave water, you may have a symptom of “diabetic thirst”. Take this great tasting traditional Chinese herbal formula which increases the Qi (vital energy) and nurtures your lungs, spleen, liver, kidneys and stomach.

Perfect Balance™ Tea Concentrate delivers maximum balance benefits of Panax ginseng, Siberian ginseng & Astragalus, herbs used in traditional Chinese formulas to balance blood sugar and enhance its cellular uptake. Kudzu and Magic Fruit supply cooling moisture for diabetic thirst. Peurarine in Chinese kudzu nurtures the eyes by improving circulation in the optical system. Siberian ginseng also expels “damp heat” (arthritic and inflammatory conditions).. Perfect Balance™ Tea Concentrate is recommended for those who exhibit diabetic or hypoglycemic symptoms.

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