Phyto-Soy Tea


2 fl. oz.

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The Drink of the Future. Supplies the highest potency of Soy-isoflavone and contributes cooling energy to balance your entire body. This great tasting Soy-isoflavone concentrate is rich in phytoestrogens, key phytonutrients in preventing many conditions associated with aging. Menopausal women are particularly concerned with stopping bone loss and preserving hormonal balance. This refreshing tea goes another step, cleansing and detoxifying your entire body as it slows the aging process. Autoimmunity, prostate and kidney problems as well as rapid free radical formations, inflammation and repeated mild infections are all associated with aging. Soy-isoflavones are believed to be beneficial for fighting oxidants, prostatitis, cancer, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis and kidney disease. Phyto-Soy™ is your perfect choice for daily body cleansing, anti-aging and body balance.

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