Pomegranate Red Concentrate with Mangosteen


■ Rich is ellagic acid to protect the body against oxidative stress.

■ Anti-inflammatory and immunity properties.

■ Not artificial flavors, fillers or colors.

21 fl. oz.


Delicious exotic fruits without preservatives, artificial flavors, fillers, or colors. Enjoy their legendary health benefits. Mix what you need today. Only 2 tablespoons of concentrate are needed to prepare 5 oz. of delicious juice. Makes 3.1 liters!

The legendary benefits of pomegranate & Mangosteen have now been verified by modern science. Pomegranate is rich in ellagic acid and Mangosteen has recently been studied for its high concentration of xanthones, a new class of chemical compounds lauded for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

New Spirit’s delicious concentrate contains 80% pomegranate and 20% Mangosteen.

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