Three Treasures Tea Foundation Pack


4 teas


New Spirits’ Three Treasure Tea Concentrates provide traditional Chinese formulas that address a wide range of health care concerns. New Spirit’s Sampler Tea Pack provides you with our most popular formulas for balancing the organ systems of the body:

Liver Chi – nurtures and detoxifies your liver and protects the liver from damage associated with autoimmunity, inflammation, oxidation and infections such as hepatitis viruses.

Kidney Enhancer- is a Traditional Chinese Herbal formula used for thousands of years to improve kidney energy and promote longevity.

Longevity Heart Chi™-delivers high levels of polyphenol from green tea, powerful, bioavailable antioxidants to fight cancer cells, control cholesterol and hypertension.

Energizing Tea-With Panax and Siberian Ginseng. Provides a quick energy boost and improves the body’s ability to handle stress by promoting overall health. Improves both physical and mental performance. The perfect alternative to caffeinated drinks.

Includes convenient carrying case.

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