Vita Trim Pro™


■ Garcinia Cambogia to help control cholesterol and weight management

■ Hoodia Gordonii to assist in feeling full and satisfied.

■ Effectively lowers appetite and reduces carb cravings.

90 Capsules


Vita Trim Pro™ is formulated to play a keyrole in addressing metabolic issues critical to long term weight management. It effectively lowers appetite and reduces carb cravings.

It incorporates dietary and adaptive thermogenesis to reinvigorate metabolism.It further pushes metabolism through gluconeogenesis to effectively take advantage of the body’s ability to step up its potential toburn additional calories and manage healthyblood sugar levels without the requirement of dietary carbs†.

Normal blood sugar levels are also supported through herbs like Gymnema and minerals including Chromium, Vanadium, Magnesium,and Potassium.

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