Refund Policy

Refund Policy


It is the policy of the entire New Spirit Naturals team that all orders be repeated back to our customers to guarantee accuracy. However, if there is an error with your order please
following these easy instructions. We are happy to make all necessary corrections. You have 15 days upon shipping date to report any error in your order. If there is an error with
the product you received, New Spirit Naturals will gladly send you the product at no additional cost to you. We also offer the opportunity to keep the product sent to you in error
by purchasing it at 50% the retail cost. Should you choose to keep this product, you will be charged the appropriate amount. If you choose not to keep this product, a member of
the New Spirit team will instruct you on how to return the product at no cost to you. If you discover a discrepancy on your charge, please call New Spirit immediately and we
will happily correct any error that is validated by our Customer Service Team. Should this error result in an overage, you will receive a credit which may be applied to your next


New Spirit Naturals does everything possible to avoid back orders. Should a product that you order be placed on backorder, our procedure is very simple.
1. You will be notified of any back ordered product on your packing receipt.
2. Once the product(s) become available, they are automatically shipped with a copy of your original packing receipt.
Should there be any unusual delay, you will be contacted via email or phone of the expected delivery date.


New Spirit Naturals will replace or issue a credit to your account for any damaged products. This policy does not apply to products that have been intentionally damaged or
misused. Nor does it apply to 3rd party sales.
If your package is damaged in transit, each customer is to notify New Spirit Naturals immediately and follow this procedure:
1. If you discover damage at time of delivery, have the delivery driver note damage.
2. If you discover damage after delivery, please call New Spirit and provide your customer ID number, the order number and list of damaged goods with a brief
description of the damage. Hold the damaged product until your customer service representative advises action. If you dispose of the damaged product before
speaking with a New Spirit team member, you may be responsible for costs to ship new product to you. You may be asked to return the product to the New Spirit
Manufacturing facility for inspection. It is required by law that we keep records on defective and returned merchandise. Call our order desk or e-mail us at to obtain a return authorization. Upon receipt of the product, New Spirit will send you new product.
3. New Spirit will submit a report of damage claim with UPS and ship you new product immediately.
4. All damaged or defective product must be reported with proof of purchase within 30 days of your purchase order date. Please reference your receipt.


You are responsible to verify the accuracy of your orders. While the New Spirit team will always confirm your order, you are ultimately responsible for order accuracy. When
you feel an exchange is necessary, note the following policies and procedures:
1. New Spirit will not accept any discontinued item or any item that has been purchased more than 30 days past the purchase order date.
2. Notify New Spirit of your request to exchange a product and obtain a purchase order number to authorize an exchange.
3. When a product is accepted for an exchange, it is at the discretion of the customer care member to determine the value of the product. (Example: When a product is
exchanged within the 30 days from the date of request of exchange and the purchase order date, 100% of the value of the product can be applied to the exchange.
However, if the product has been opened, you forfeit the opportunity to receive full value of the product. NO Exceptions.)
4. Customers may return product via US Mail or UPS. All freight charges are the responsibility of the customer.
5. Once the exchanged product is received, New Spirit will ship your new order to you.
All product exchanges and product credits do not carry bonus value.
Whenever products are authorized for exchange, please forward all packages to:

New Spirit Naturals
Customer Service Exchange Department
615 West Allen Avenue
San Dimas, California 91773

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